OECD Employment Outlook 2002

image of OECD Employment Outlook 2002

OECD's  annual assessment of labour market developments and prospects in the OECD area. This edition includes chapters on youth employment, women at work, temporary employment, long-term unemployment, and cross-market effects of product and labour policies. A Statistical Annex is provided.

English Also available in: German, French


Taking the Measure of Temporary Employment

Temporary employment has grown in a number of OECD countries during the past two decades and this growth has raised concerns that temporary jobs may be crowding out more stable forms of employment, becoming an additional source of insecurity for workers and increasing labour market dualism between workers finding stable career jobs and those failing to do so. This chapter sheds light on these issues by assembling harmonised data on temporary employment in OECD countries.

English Also available in: French

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