Nordic Communities

a vision for the future

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Although commissioned to mark the 60th anniversary of the Nordic Council in 2012, this is no runofthemill commemorative publication. The Nordic Council wants to look to the future and follow up on the renewed debate about cooperation.There is much to suggest that the Nordic Region is experiencing a renaissance. The crisis in the EU, the strength of the Nordic welfare model and global interest in the Arctic are just some of the factors bringing the countries together. Foreign and defence policy have become key areas of cooperation, and therefore the structures established in the 1950s and 1970s are no longer fit for purpose.This book presents a vision for the future based on visible, highprofile and resultoriented cooperation in Nordic Communities.



List of people involved in the research for this book

The people on this list have in one way or another contributed to the work of the study. Some have attended a seminar, others have been part of a team, a few have participated in a panel discussion or been interviewed. All deserve our gratitude. They cannot, of course, be held responsible for the ideas expressed in the book.

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