Monitoring Health System Performance in Peru

Data and Statistics

image of Monitoring Health System Performance in Peru

Peru has seen great progress towards the goal of providing universal health coverage to its population but still faces structural barriers to provide accessible and quality care . At the same time, Peru is going through a demographic and epidemiological transition, with an increasing disease burden from non-communicable diseases, with significant increases in cancer, CVD and diabetes, especially in urban areas. Measuring how the Peruvian health system is responding to these challenges requires a solid set of health sector statistics and indicators, underpinned by a robust health information system. The breadth and depth of data must be relevant and applicable to decision making at all levels of the health system, both to respond to national policy needs as well as comparing Peru in a regional and global context. This report assesses the status and availability of Peru’s routinely reported health sector data and statistics as well as the underlying data infrastructure. The report provides a set of recommendations to improve the health information system and to strengthen data coverage and comparability as Peru’s health care system develops.



Assessment and recommendations

Peru has achieved significant progress in recent years in improving the health of its population. At the core of this has been an ongoing commitment from successive governments to reach universal health coverage (UHC). This, combined with steady economic growth, has translated into better access and financial protection in the health system, and contributed to better health outcomes. But the Peruvian health system still faces significant issues around fragmentation and lack of resources, which need to be tackled to create a modern and efficient system able to respond to the needs of the whole population. Added to this, epidemiological and demographic shifts, such as population ageing and the gradual increase of chronic disease, are a test to the efficiency and quality of health care provision in any high or middle-income country.


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