Modernising Social Policy for the New Life Course

image of Modernising Social Policy for the New Life Course

This seminar proceedings examines whether the current designs of social protection systems in OECD societies are well-suited to contemporary life-course realities. It looks in detail at recent policy developments in OECD countries to develop more flexible time-based social policies, as well as related issues, such as asset-based welfare programmes, as well as policies to encourage redistribution of income and/or time over the life course and how these might be structured most effectively.



Ins and Outs of the Dutch Life-course Savings Scheme

In Europe, creating diversity and extending workers’ freedom of choice is a policy argument of increasing importance. On 1 January 2006 an individual voluntary Life-course Savings Scheme for employees (Levensloopregeling), unique in Europe, was introduced in the Netherlands. This chapter reviews the background, the aims and the ingredients of this new system, confronts expected results with actual results, and pictures future prospects.


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