Main Findings from the 2018 Risks that Matter Survey

The OECD Risks that Matter survey finds that these worries are weighing on people’s minds across countries. Risks that Matter examines people’s perceptions of the social and economic risks they face and assesses how well people feel government reacts to their concerns. The survey polled a representative sample of 22 000 adults in 21 OECD countries in 2018. Across countries, people are largely dissatisfied with existing social programmes. A majority of respondents believe that government would not provide them with an adequate safety net if they lost their income due to job loss, illness or old age. More than half feel that they would not be able to access public benefits easily if they needed them. And, on average, nearly three-quarters of all respondents want government to do more to protect their social and economic security. This survey shows that listening to people matters. Implementation matters. OECD countries have some of the most advanced social protection systems in the world, but policies are not reaching their full potential if people do not feel they can access benefits and services when needed. Governments must recommit to restoring trust, confidence, and efficacy in social protection.

01 Mar 2019 58 pages English 9789264357518 (PDF)

Author(s): OECD