Investing in Youth: Japan

image of Investing in Youth: Japan

The present report on Japan is the seventh report in the Investing in Youth series. In three statistical chapters, the report provides an overview of the labour market situation of young people in Japan, presents a portrait of young people who are not in employment, education or training (the NEETs) and analyses the income situation of young people in Japan. Two policy chapters provide recommendations on how Japan can improve the school-to-work transition of disadvantaged young people, and on how employment, social and training programmes can help the NEETs find their way back into education or work.

Earlier reviews in the same series have looked at youth policies in Brazil (2014), Latvia and Tunisia (2015), Australia, Lithuania and Sweden (2016).



Guaranteeing employment and training options for NEETs in Japan

This chapter looks at Japan’s policies and programmes to bring NEETs into education or employment. The chapter sets off by describing the current architecture of employment and social service delivery, and by discussing the challenge of co-ordinating services for at-risk young people. It presents strategies for reaching out to disengaged young people. It then assesses the coverage and adequacy of programmes aimed at re-engaging young jobseekers in employment, education or training and at providing them with comprehensive social support.


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