Investing in Youth: Finland

image of Investing in Youth: Finland

The series Investing in Youth builds on the expertise of the OECD on youth employment, social support and skills. It covers both OECD countries and key emerging economies. The report on Finland presents new results from a comprehensive analysis of the situation of young people in Finland, exploiting various sources of survey-based and administrative data. It provides a detailed assessment of education, employment and social policies in Finland from an international perspective, and offers tailored recommendations to help improve the school-to-work transition. Earlier reviews in the same series have looked at youth policies in Brazil (2014), Latvia and Tunisia (2015), Australia, Lithuania and Sweden (2016), Japan (2017), Norway (2018) and Peru (2019).



Towards integrated services and integrated benefits for young people in Finland

This chapter looks at the services and social benefits available in Finland to support young people who need help in their transition to employment and adulthood after having left the education system. It discusses the impact the unusually generous Finnish benefit system has for those people and how services and infrastructures work around incentives and disincentives created by the system. The chapter pays particular attention to integrated service approaches that ensure disadvantaged young people receive the right type of support when they need it. It also discusses possible consequences and opportunities of a comprehensive health and social services reform, which was planned to be introduced simultaneously with a regional government reform that would divide Finland into 18 counties.


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