Investing in Youth: Brazil

image of Investing in Youth: Brazil

This report provides a detailed diagnosis of the youth labour market and education system in Brazil. It takes an international comparative perspective, offering policy options to help improve school-to-work transitions. It also provides an opportunity for other countries to learn from the innovative measures that Brazil has taken to strengthen the skills of youth and their employment outcomes.



Executive summary

In recent years, Brazil has combined strong economic performance with consistently falling unemployment rates. Despite this, young people in Brazil face significant labour market difficulties: they are over three times more likely to be unemployed than adults; the proportion of youth neither in employment, nor in education or training (NEET) is higher than in OECD countries; a very large portion of the unemployed have been out of a job for a year or more; the quality of jobs held by youth is often poor; job turnover high; and strong inequalities persist along gender, geographical and racial lines.


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