Investing in Youth: Australia

image of Investing in Youth: Australia

The present report on Australia is part of the series on "Investing in Youth", which builds on the expertise of the OECD on youth employment, social support and skills. This series covers both OECD countries and countries in the process of accession to the OECD, as well as some emerging economies. The report provides a detailed diagnosis of youth policies in the area of education, training, social and employment policies. Its main focus is on disengaged or at-risk of disengaged youth.



Raising school completion rates and providing high-quality professional training in Australia

This chapter discusses Australia’s upper secondary education and training system, especially its performance for disadvantaged and atrisk youth. It looks at early school leaving, policies aimed at identifying at-risk youth and combating school drop-out, and strategies to adapt services for students who are not successful in the mainstream school system. It then examines vocational education and apprenticeship in Australia, with a focus on completion rates and career guidance. Finally, it gives an overview of social services offered to school-age youth, and the co-ordination of these services with schools.


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