International Migration

The Human Face of Globalisation

image of International Migration

About 190 million people around the world live outside their country of birth. These migrants bring energy, entrepreneurship and fresh ideas to our societies. But there are downsides: young migrants who fail in education, adults who don’t find work and, of course, unregulated migration. Such challenges can make migration a political lightning rod and a topic for angry debate.


Drawing on the unique expertise of the OECD,this book moves beyond rhetoric to look at the realities of international migration today: Where do migrants come from and where do they go? How do governments manage migration? How well do migrants perform in education and in the workforce? And does migration help – or hinder – developing countries?

English German, French, Spanish



The author very gratefully acknowledges the advice and assistance of Marilyn Achiron, Nick Bray, Orsetta Causa, David Crane, Emmanuel Dalmenesche, Jeff Dayton-Johnson, Martine Durand, Francesca Froy, Jean-Pierre Garson, Georges Lemaître, Patrick Love, Annabelle Mourougane, Stephen Seawright, Claire Shewbridge and Miho Taguma. The author wishes to express special thanks to Olga Kamensky for additional research and writing and to Vincent Gallart and Carolina Sandrin for additional research.

English German, French

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