International Migration Outlook 2022

image of International Migration Outlook 2022

The 2022 edition of International Migration Outlook analyses recent developments in migration movements and the labour market inclusion of immigrants in OECD countries. It also monitors recent policy changes in migration governance and integration in OECD countries. This edition includes a special chapter on the policy responses by OECD countries to the large inflow of refugees from Ukraine as well as a series of three short chapters on international students analysing respectively recent trends, attraction and retention policies as well as the economic impact of international students. The Outlook also includes country notes and a detailed statistical annex.

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In 2020, Norway received 33 000 new immigrants on a long-term or permanent basis (including changes of status), ‑28.7% compared to 2019. This figure comprises 52.9% immigrants benefitting from free mobility, 8.9% labour migrants, 27% family members (including accompanying family) and 11.2% humanitarian migrants. Around 2 000 permits were issued to tertiary-level international students and 4 800 to temporary and seasonal labour migrants.

English Also available in: French


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