International Migration Outlook 2018

image of International Migration Outlook 2018

The 2018 edition of International Migration Outlook analyses recent developments in migration movements and policies in OECD countries and some non member countries, and looks at the evolution of the labour market outcomes of immigrants in OECD countries, with a focus on the migrants’ job quality and on the sections and occupations in which they are concentrated. It includes two special chapters on the contribution of recent refugee flows to the labour force and on the illegal employment of foreign workers. It also includes country notes and a statistical annex.

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The contribution of recent refugee flows to the labour force

This chapter looks at the labour market impact of recent refugee inflows towards European countries, drawing lessons from past experience and looking beyond the most recent developments to account for the ongoing process of refugees’ labour market entry. It offers a rigorous assessment of the potential impact of recent refugee inflows on the working-age population and labour force of European countries up to 2020, taking into account the specificity of refugees and their interactions with the labour market. Although such an exercise does not provide a definitive response to the hopes or concerns regarding the labour market impact of refugees, it will at least help to frame expectations.

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