International Migration Outlook 2015

image of International Migration Outlook 2015

This publication analyses recent development in migration movements and policies in OECD countries and some non member countries as well as the evolution of recent labour market outcomes of immigrants in OECD countries. It includes a special chapter on : “Changing Patterns in the international migration of doctors and nurses to OECD countries”, as well as country notes and a statistical annex.

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The Swedish population increased by a record of 102 500 persons during 2014, of which two thirds were foreign-born (70 100). Foreign-born residents numbered 1.6 million in December 2014 and comprised 17% of the Swedish population. 739 400 (8%) were foreign nationals. More than half of the foreign-born came from Europe and almost a third from Asia. Finns (158 500) accounted for about 10% of the total foreign-born population followed by Iraqis (130 200) and Poles (81 700). Another 488 700 residents were Swedish-born with two foreign-born parents.

English Also available in: French


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