International Migration Outlook 2013

image of International Migration Outlook 2013

This  publication analyses recent development in immigration and other migration movements and policies in OECD countries and some non member countries including migration of highly qualified and low qualified workers, temporary and permanent, as well as students. This edition also contains two special chapters on topical issues: fiscal impact of migration and  discrimination.

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Greece saw its legally resident migrant population fall, as well as declines in irregular migration and asylum seeking. The number of registered foreigners, 610 800 in 2009, fell to 596 200 in 2010, 582 100 in 2011, and dropped by around 24% in 2012 to 440 100, equivalent to about 4% of the total resident population. In addition, there were an estimated 391 000 irregular migrants, based on illegal entries into Greece, apprehensions, rejected asylum seekers, visa overstayers and informal seasonal workers – the latter particularly from Albania.

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