Improving Regulatory Delivery in Food Safety

Mitigating Old and New Risks, and Fostering Recovery

image of Improving Regulatory Delivery in Food Safety

This report describes how regulators around the world adapted to the confusion brought by the COVID-19 crisis to ensure the supply of food while maintaining food safety and security. It brings together examples of regulatory responses at regional, national and international levels. The report also discusses how, despite all the challenges, the pandemic has helped uncover new regulatory tools and foster a culture of flexibility and agility in regulatory systems.


Implementing food safety regulation and third-party certification in crisis situation

This chapter analyses the challenges that the COVID-19 crisis presents for the implementation and enforcement of food safety regulation. It discusses, in particular, different approaches adopted by food safety authorities to safeguard sustained compliance with food safety regulation under unprecedented circumstances including measures aimed at third-party auditors and certification bodies that play a role in ensuring the food security objectives are achieved.


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