Health at a Glance: Europe 2020

State of Health in the EU Cycle

image of Health at a Glance: Europe 2020

The 2020 edition of Health at a Glance: Europe focuses on the impact of the COVID‑19 crisis. Chapter 1 provides an initial assessment of the resilience of European health systems to the COVID-19 pandemic and their ability to contain and respond to the worst pandemic in the past century. Chapter 2 reviews the huge health and welfare burden of air pollution as another major public health issue in European countries, and highlights the need for sustained efforts to reduce air pollution to mitigate its impact on health and mortality. The five other chapters provide an overview of key indicators of health and health systems across the 27 EU member states, 5 EU candidate countries, 3 European Free Trade Association countries and the United Kingdom. Health at a Glance: Europe is the first step in the State of Health in the EU cycle.


Mortality following acute myocardial infarction (AMI)

Mortality due to coronary heart diseases has declined substantially over the past few decades (see indicator “Mortality from circulatory diseases” in Chapter 3). Reductions in smoking (see indicator “Smoking among adults” in Chapter 4) and improvements in treatment for heart diseases have contributed to these declines. Despite this progress, acute myocardial infarction (AMI or heart attack) remains the leading cause of cardiovascular deaths in Europe, highlighting the need for further reductions in risk factors and care quality improvements (OECD/The King’s Fund, 2020).



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