Health at a Glance: Europe 2018

State of Health in the EU Cycle

image of Health at a Glance: Europe 2018

Health at a Glance: Europe 2018 presents comparative analyses of the health status of EU citizens and the performance of the health systems of the 28 EU Member States, 5 candidate countries and 3 EFTA countries. It is the first step in the State of Health in the EU cycle of knowledge brokering. This publication has two parts. Part I comprises two thematic chapters, the first focusing on the need for concerted efforts to promote better mental health, the second outlining possible strategies for reducing wasteful spending in health. In Part II, the most recent trends in key indicators of health status, risk factors and health spending are presented, together with a discussion of progress in improving the effectiveness, accessibility and resilience of European health systems.


Extent of health care coverage

In addition to the share of the population entitled to basic health services, the range of services included in a publicly defined benefit package and the proportion of costs covered are the other dimensions defining the extent of health care coverage in a country. assesses these three dimensions of coverage for a selected number of key health care functions. For each function, it displays the share of the costs that is funded collectively – either by government schemes or compulsory insurance arrangements. Differences across countries in the share of the costs covered can be due to the fact that some specific goods and services are included in the public benefit package in one country but not in another (e.g. a particular drug or medical procedure), that cost-sharing arrangements for the same goods and services vary or that some services are only covered for specific population groups in a country.



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