Health at a Glance 2023

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Health at a Glance provides a comprehensive set of indicators on population health and health system performance across OECD members and key emerging economies. These cover health status, risk factors for health, access to and quality of healthcare, and health system resources. Analysis draws from the latest comparable official national statistics and other sources.

Alongside indicator-by-indicator analysis, an overview chapter summarises the comparative performance of countries and major trends. This edition also has a special focus on digital health, which measures the digital readiness of OECD countries’ health systems, and outlines what countries need to do accelerate the digital health transformation.

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Chronic conditions

Chronic conditions such as cancer, chronic respiratory problems and diabetes are not only the leading causes of death across OECD countries but also represent a major disability burden among the living. Many chronic conditions are preventable, by modifying major risk factors such as smoking, alcohol use, obesity and physical inactivity. The COVID‑19 pandemic further underscored the impact of chronic conditions on health outcomes from other diseases, as data show that people with underlying health conditions are at higher risk of dying from COVID‑19 (OECD, 2023[1]). The pandemic also contributed to the increase in multimorbidity of chronic conditions and to their late diagnosis and control.

English Also available in: French


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