Health at a Glance 2019

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Health at a Glance compares key indicators for population health and health system performance across OECD members, candidate and partner countries. It highlights how countries differ in terms of the health status and health-seeking behaviour of their citizens; access to and quality of health care; and the resources available for health. Analysis is based on the latest comparable data across 80 indicators, with data coming from official national statistics, unless otherwise stated.

Alongside indicator-by-indicator analysis, an overview chapter summarises the comparative performance of countries and major trends, including how much health spending is associated with staffing, access, quality and health outcomes. This edition also includes a special focus on patient-reported outcomes and experiences, with a thematic chapter on measuring what matters for people-centred health systems.

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Mental health

Good mental health is vital for people to be able to lead healthy, productive lives, but an estimated one in two people experience a mental health problem in their lifetime (OECD, 2015[1]). When people are living with a mental health problem it can have a significant impact on their daily life, contributing to worse educational outcomes, higher rates of unemployment, and poorer physical health. shows the impact of peoples’ health on their daily activities and ability to work; people who reported a mental health problem were significantly more likely to say that their health had a negative impact on their daily life. In Norway and France, more than 50% of respondents who had been told by a doctor that they had a mental health problem felt that their ability to work or daily activities were limited. More can be done to help people participate in activities that matter to them, even if they have a mental health problem, including promoting timely access to treatment and integrating mental health and employment services.

English Also available in: French


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