Free Movement of Workers and Labour Market Adjustment

Recent Experiences from OECD Countries and the European Union

image of Free Movement of Workers and Labour Market Adjustment

This publication presents recent evidence and analytical work on the impact and future perpectives of demographic trends in the workforce, taking also into account education, skills and geographical mobility. It pays particular attention to the labour mobility patterns generated by the development of free mobility in Europe and simlar developments in other parts of the world.


The United Kingdom experience of post-enlargement worker inflows from new EU member countries

The United Kingdom was one of only three EU member states to allow citizens of those Eastern European countries acceding in May 2004 freedom of entry into the labour market. Although this arrangement was not extended to the citizens of Bulgaria and Romania they continue to be employed under the work permits scheme, the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme and the Sectors Based Scheme. This chapter looks at the post-enlargement worker inflows from the new EU member countries and their impact on employment and wages of domestic workers by level of education in the United Kingdom.


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