Free Movement of Workers and Labour Market Adjustment

Recent Experiences from OECD Countries and the European Union

image of Free Movement of Workers and Labour Market Adjustment

This publication presents recent evidence and analytical work on the impact and future perpectives of demographic trends in the workforce, taking also into account education, skills and geographical mobility. It pays particular attention to the labour mobility patterns generated by the development of free mobility in Europe and simlar developments in other parts of the world.



Free labour mobility areas across OECD countries

an overview

Since the 1950s, in many parts of the world labour migration movements have been facilitated between selected groups of countries to a lesser or greater extent. If these liberalisation experiences share a number of characteristics, there are also important differences – both in terms of the degree to which the migration movements have been facilitated and in terms of accompanying measures. This chapter aims to provide a better understanding of the development of free labour mobility areas and their impact on migration flows. This sort of movement is expected to play a greater role in responding to ageing populations and workforces.


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