Free Movement of Workers and Labour Market Adjustment

Recent Experiences from OECD Countries and the European Union

image of Free Movement of Workers and Labour Market Adjustment

This publication presents recent evidence and analytical work on the impact and future perpectives of demographic trends in the workforce, taking also into account education, skills and geographical mobility. It pays particular attention to the labour mobility patterns generated by the development of free mobility in Europe and simlar developments in other parts of the world.



Free labour mobility and economic shocks

the experience of the crisis

This chapter aims to shed some light on the impact of the global economic crisis on free mobility. It aims to answer the following three key questions: First, how has free mobility evolved during the crisis? Second, how did free-mobility migrants who had migrated just prior to the onset of the crisis fare during the crisis? Finally, not all countries and regions were equally affected by the crisis. Is there any evidence that free mobility has played an equilibrating role during the crisis – that is, did free mobility encourage moves from areas that were hard hit towards others that were less affected?


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