Taxes and benefits

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The Benefits, Taxes and Wages series addresses the complicated interactions of tax and benefit systems for different family types and labour market situations. The series is a valuable tool used to compare the different benefits made available to those without work and those with different levels of in-work earnings for OECD countries and EU countries. The main social policy areas are as follows: taxes and social security contributions due on earnings and benefits, unemployment benefits, social assistance, family benefits, housing benefits, and in-work benefits. OECD financial work incentive, benefit generosity income adequacy and costs of childcare indicators, country specific information, including detailed descriptions of all cash benefits available to those in and out of work as well as the taxes they were liable to pay, the tax-benefit models (with detailed methodology) and the tax benefit calculator are available on Benefits and Wages: OECD Indicators. Data are presented from 2001 onwards.

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Keywords: unemployment benefits, taxes, gross income, wages, family benefits, social assistance benefits, benefits, income tax, statistics, housing benefits, net income, salaries, first earner, employment status