Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes: Policies for Better Health and Quality of Care

image of Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes: Policies for Better Health and Quality of Care

This report examines how countries perform in their ability to prevent, manage and treat cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes. The last 50 years have witnessed remarkable improvements in CVD outcomes. Since 1960, overall CVD mortality rates have fallen by over 60%, but these improvements are not evenly spread across OECD countries, and the rising prevalence of diabetes and obesity are threatening to offset gains.

This report examines how OECD countries deliver the programmes and services related to CVD and diabetes. It considers how countries have used available health care resources to reduce the overall burden of CVD and diabetes, and it focuses on the variation in OECD health systems’ ability to convert health care inputs (such as expenditure) into health gains.



Acute care cardiovascular disease: Examining hospital performance

This report has primarily focused on a descriptive analysis of how countries compare with respect to CVD outcomes and health care access, resources and quality. seeks to develop a better understanding of how health system characteristics and policies can influence the relationship between the health system’s inputs and outcomes. It presents the analytical results on how countries have performed in improving the quality of acute care by focusing on 30-day case-fatality rates for both heart attack and stroke. It examines the relationship between the deployment of health care resources such as financial resources and medical equipment and improvements in the quality of acute care. This analysis examines whether this relationship varies across countries. Importantly, it also looks at the role of specific health system characteristics and policies to determine their importance in explaining cross-country variation in the quality of CVD acute care.


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