Babies and Bosses - Reconciling Work and Family Life (Volume 4)

Canada, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom

This book considers how a wide range of policies, including tax/benefit policies, childcare policy, and employment and workplace practices help determine parental labour market outcomes and may impinge on family formation and ultimately the current and future labour supply.  It covers Canada (in particular the province of Québec), Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom and also includes some options for policy reform towards a better reconciliation of work and family commitments in the four countries in question.

Other Babies and Bosses volumes cover Australia, Denmark and the Netherlands, which was published in 2002; Austria, Ireland and Japan, which was published in 2003; and New Zealand, Portugal and Switzerland; which was released in 2004.  An overview issue that will include key indicators on family-friendly policies in all OECD countries will be released later in 2005.

27 May 2005 244 pages English Also available in: French 9789264009295 (PDF)

Author(s): OECD