Ageing and Employment Policies: France 2014

Working Better with Age

image of Ageing and Employment Policies: France 2014

People today are living longer than ever before, while birth rates are dropping in the majority of OECD countries. In such demographics, public social expenditures require to be adequate and sustainable in the long term. Older workers play a crucial role in the labour market. Now that legal retirement ages are rising, older workers will work longer and employers will have to retain them. But those older workers who have lost their job have experienced long term-unemployment and low probabilities to return to work. What can countries do to help? How can they give older people better work incentives and opportunities? How can they promote age diversity in firms? This report offers analysis and assessment on what the best policies are for fostering employability, job mobility and labour demand at an older age in France.

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Executive summary

The employment rate for older people in France remains low, although it has increased over the last decade. During the crisis, many older workers lost their jobs and found themselves permanently unemployed. Unless the labour demand for older workers increases, there is a risk of greater end-of-career vulnerability. An overall strategy is needed to improve the handling of age issues in businesses in order to encourage employment through to retirement. The following courses of action are recommended.

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