A System of Health Accounts

2011 Edition

image of A System of Health Accounts

A System of Health Accounts 2011 provides a systematic description of the financial flows related to the consumption of health care goods and services. As demands for information increase and more countries implement and institutionalise health accounts according to the system, the data produced are expected to be more comparable, more detailed and more policy relevant.

This new edition builds on the original OECD Manual, published in 2000, and the Guide to Producing National Health Accounts to create a single global framework for producing health expenditure accounts that can help track resource flows from sources to uses. The Manual is the result of a four-year collaborative effort between the OECD, WHO and the European Commission, and sets out in more detail the boundaries, the definitions and the concepts – responding to health care systems around the globe – from the simplest to the more complicated.



Annex G: International Standards and Classifications of Trade and Tourism

Trade statistics play an important information role in analysing the strengths and weaknesses of economies and in assessing the impacts of different policies and identifying opportunities offered by partners’ markets. The World Trade Organisation, recognising the increasing role of the service sector, concluded the General Agreement of Trade in Services (GATS) in 1995, bringing services more into the spotlight of considerations about international trade. In addition to the general obligations that apply across all service sectors of all WTO Members, countries can choose which service sector and mode they wish to open up to trade. GATS has been an important driving force for the development of statistics on the international supply of services,1 and has influenced the establishment of a classification of four different modes of trade in services. The supply of health care services can take place in all four of these GATS modes, although not all are relevant to the measurement of trade under the System of Health Accounts.


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