A Good Life in Old Age?

Monitoring and Improving Quality in Long-term Care

image of A Good Life in Old Age?

As ageing societies are pushing a growing number of frail old people into needing care, delivering quality long-term care services – care that is safe, effective, and responsive to needs – has become a priority for governments. Yet much still remains to be done to enhance evidence-based measurement and improvement of quality of long-term care services across EU and OECD countries. This book offers evidence and examples of useful experiences to help policy makers, providers and experts measure and improve the quality of long-term care services.


Standardisation and monitoring of care processes

Setting standards that establish how to “do the right things” is one of the methods to make long-term care delivery safe and effective. Standardising needs assessment or care processes, and monitoring care processes or outcomes are effective tools to determine the needs of individuals, minimise variations in care for certain conditions and encourage providers to improve quality of care. This chapter reviews standardisation and monitoring approaches used by OECD and EU countries. It provides an overview of care needs assessment, looking specifically at the extent to which there is standardisation in the process of measuring and assessing care needs. It also reviews how information from needs assessment is used to formulate care plans, and the extent to which clinical guidelines and protocols are incorporated in care planning processes to drive good practices. The chapter concludes by reviewing care quality monitoring policies.


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