Health at a Glance 2017 presents the latest comparable data and trends on key indicators of health outcomes and health systems across the 35 OECD member countries. These indicators shed light on the performance of health systems, with indicators reflecting health outcomes, non-medical determinants of health, the degree of access to care, the quality of care provided, and the financial and material resources devoted to health. For a subset of indicators, data are reported for partner countries, including Brazil, China, Colombia, Cost Rica, India, Indonesia, Lithuania, the Russian Federation and South Africa.

The production of Health at a Glance would not have been possible without the contribution of OECD Health Data National Correspondents, Health Accounts Experts, and Health Care Quality Indicators Experts from the 35 OECD countries. The OECD gratefully acknowledges their effort in supplying most of the data contained in this publication. The OECD also acknowledges the contribution of other international organisations, especially the World Health Organization and Eurostat, for sharing some of the data presented here, and the European Commission for supporting data development work.

This publication was prepared by a team from the OECD Health Division under the coordination of Chris James. Chapter 1 was prepared by Chris James and Alberto Marino; Chapter 2 by Chris James and Marion Devaux; Chapter 3 by Eileen Rocard, Chris James, Marie-Clémence Canaud and Emily Hewlett; Chapter 4 by Sahara Graf, Marion Devaux and Michele Cecchini; Chapter 5 by Alberto Marino, Chris James, Rie Fujisawa, Akiko Maeda, David Morgan and Eileen Rocard; Chapter 6 by Ian Brownwood, Frédéric Daniel, Rie Fujisawa, Rabia Khan, Michael Padget and Niek Klazinga; Chapter 7 by David Morgan, Michael Mueller and Michael Gmeinder; Chapter 8 by Akiko Maeda, Gaëlle Balestat and Michael Gmeinder; Chapter 9 by Chris James, Gaëlle Balestat and Alberto Marino; Chapter 10 by Rabia Khan, Gaëlle Balestat, Marie-Clémence Canaud, Michael Mueller, Martin Wenzl, Chris James and Valérie Paris; Chapter 11 by Tim Muir, Eileen Rocard, Michael Mueller and Elina Suzuki. The OECD databases used in this publication are managed by Gaëlle Balestat, Ian Brownwood, Marie-Clémence Canaud, Frédéric Daniel, Michael Gmeinder, Gaétan Lafortune and David Morgan.

Detailed country comments improved the quality of this publication, as did comments from Francesca Colombo, Gaétan Lafortune, Mark Pearson and Stefano Scarpetta. Format and editing support from Marlène Mohier, Kate Lancaster and Andrew Esson are also gratefully acknowledged.