This Survey was prepared in the Economics Department by Christine Lewis and Patrice Ollivaud under the supervision of Peter Jarrett and Vincent Koen. It has benefited from valuable background research by Rita Helbra Tenrini, seconded from the Indonesian Ministry of Finance. Peter Haxton and Jarmila Botev also contributed to the Survey. Statistical research assistance was provided by Klaus Pedersen and editorial assistance was provided by Elisabetta Pilati. The previous Survey of Indonesia was issued in October 2016.

The Survey was discussed at a meeting of the Economic and Development Review Committee on 10 September 2018 with participation of representatives of the Indonesian government and representatives of France and Hungary as lead speakers.

The Survey is published under the responsibility of the Secretary-General of the OECD.

Information about the latest as well as previous Surveys and more information about how Surveys are prepared is available at

Basic Statistics of Indonesia, 2017
(Numbers in parenthesis refer to the OECD average)a
Basic Statistics of Indonesia, 2017

Better life index:

a. where the OECD aggregate is not provided in the source database, a simple OECD average of latest available data is calculated where data exists for at least 29 member countries.

Source: Calculations based on data extracted from the databases of the following organisations: OECD, International Energy Agency, Eurostat, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Eurostat and Inter-Parliamentary Union.

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