Annex B. Outline of business plan and financial model template

Business plan template:

1. Introduction

2. Vision, Mission and Values

3. Internal and external environment (SWOT and PESTEL analysis)

4. Objectives

  • Objective 1: (For instance:) Reduce non-revenue water (description of the objective and the associated 2-3 Key Performance Indicators)

  • Objective 2: (For instance:) Optimise staff and organisational structure

  • Objective 3: (For instance:) Improve customer service and dialogue

  • Objective 4: (For instance:) Develop as a regional operator

  • Four objectives together providing for integrated results

5. Objective 1:

  • 5.1 Best practice and current performance

    (description of best practice and current performance for each of the 6-10 dimensions/activities associated with progress on that key objective)

  • 5.2 Closing the gap

    (definition of projected progress over forecast years)

  • 5.3 Milestones: Annual defined level of achievement (a table showing a list of milestones for each of the dimensions for each forecast year)

6. Objective 2: etc.

7. Implementation

8. Financial viability (based on financial model – see Figure A B.1)

Figure A B.1. Financial model components
Figure A B.1. Financial model components

Note: The financial model to hand over to the utilities shall have the above components integrated into a single Excel file prepared according to financial modeling standards.

Source: Author's own elaboration.

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