Annex C. The OECD Norway Stakeholder Seminar, Agenda

Oslo, 18 October 2018



Welcome coffee


Welcome by Anne-Berit Kavli, UDIR


Objectives and structure of the seminar

Presentation of the OECD background and methodology for the project.


OECD’s initial observations

Preliminary findings of the OECD review visit


Coffee break

Thematic sessions

Participants will be organised in groups led by OECD representatives and assigned moderators. Each group will discuss the implementation issues presented by the OECD and suggest relevant actions that can ensure effective implementation of the new model.


Working session 1:

Shaping a shared vision of the a new competence development model for schools

Shaping and sharing a vision is a key driver to achieve effective implementation. What do you expect from the new model? Do these expectations match those of other stakeholders?

Objective: Discuss and develop some principles for a shared vision.




Working Session 2:

Inclusive stakeholder engagement

How to create favourable conditions and incentives for engagement?

Objective: Describe and understand the desired role of each actor in the implementation process of the new model.


Coffee break


Working Session 3:

Favourable context

The (societal, political, economic) context of a reform often influences the success of the implementation. Is there broad support for the reform? How well does it fit with existing policies? Are there potential barriers?

Objective: Build an overview of favourable conditions and barriers surrounding the reform.


Working Session 4:

From resolution to action: how to strengthen the implementation of the new model?

Building on the three previous sessions, participants will discuss some steps to design an actionable strategy that reflects their needs.

Objective: Discuss what do you need for this policy to move forward (resources, timing, communication, capacity building…), and what are you going to do, and when?


Wrap-up session

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