This report was prepared by the OECD’s Public Governance Directorate, under the direction of Marcos Bonturi, in cooperation with the Korea Development Institute (KDI).

At the OECD the editorial responsibility, including input provision to the different chapters, of the report was with Edwin Lau, head of the Public Sector Reform Division, and at KDI this responsibility, especially for Korean cases throughout the report, was with Wonhyuk Lim, associate dean, Office of Development Research and International Cooperation at KDI School of Public Policy and Management.

The first four chapters of the report were drafted by Santiago González and Paloma Baena Olable from the OECD Secretariat, Luiz de Mello, Stéphane Jacobzone, Zsuzsanna Lonti helped to develop the report’s underlying concepts and provided useful feedback on the various drafts. Special thanks go to Randall Jones, head of the Korea desk in the OECD Economics Department for his precious input and advice. Martin Pospisil provided research assistance.

Chapters 5 and 6 of the report were authored by KDI experts. Chapter 5 was drafted by Dong-Young Kim. Chapter 6 was drafted by Soonhee Kim and Taejun Lee. The KDI team provided feedback on the report as a whole and significant contributions were received from Wonhyuk Lim, Dong-Young Kim, Soonhee Kim and Taejun Lee and their teams. The insights received from Joon-Kyung Kim, former President of KDI, have proved invaluable.

The OECD-KDI survey also benefited from the advice and suggestions from colleagues in the OECD Statistics and Data Directorate, including Marco Mira D’Ercole, Fabrice Murtin and Conal Smith. The authors are also grateful to Inchul Shin in the Secretariat’s team for his advice and suggestions. Daniel Tostado, James Drummond and Clare Rogers contributed to the edition of the report. Guillaume Lafortune, contributed to the preparation of the methodological annex. The authors are grateful to Andrea Uhrhammer and Kate Lancaster for editorial feedback. The report was prepared for publication by Raquel Paramo and Liv Gaunt.

The report benefitted from rich exchanges of comments between the various teams in Paris and Sejong and a number of expert seminars organised at OECD Headquarters and at KDI, also drawing on the expertise from delegates to the OECD’s Public Governance Committee.

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