Annex B. Agendas of the OECD review visits

Fact-finding visit: 30 November – 2 December 2016

Wednesday 30 November

09:30–10:00 Briefing from National Co-ordinator from the Ministry of Education (MEXT)

10:00–10:15 Welcome from Ms. Ikuko Arimatsu Director General, Lifelong Learning Policy Bureau

10:15–10:30 Welcome from Mr. Takimoto, Deputy Director General, Elementary and Secondary Education Bureau

10:30–12:00 Country Background Report Briefing 1 (School Education) MEXT Officials

13:30–14:30 Country Background Report, Briefing 2 (Collaboration between school and community) MEXT officials

14:45–15:45 Country Background Report, Briefing 3 (Lifelong learning and tertiary education) MEXT officials

15:50–16:20 Meeting with Hiroshi Suzuki, Special Advisor to the Minister

16:30–17:30 Meeting with Prof. Takashi Muto (Curriculum Reform)

18:30 Dinner with MEXT officials

Thursday 1 December

09:20–11:30 Yaguchi Elementary School (Ota City, Tokyo): Visit, Discussions with teachers and children concerning school based curriculum improvement.

13:30–15:30 Meiji University (Chiyoda City, Tokyo): Meeting with university officials in charge of student support and lifelong learning .

16:30–18:00 Dai-ni Enzan Elementary School: “Shinagawa Smile School” (School Community Collaboration Activity)

Friday 2 November

10:00–11:15 Meeting with officials from Japan Student Support Organisation

11:30–12:30 Meeting with Prof. Hajime Shirouzu, University of Tokyo

14:00–15:00 Informal discussion on the outcome of the visit

15:30–17:30 Preparation of the January Review visit (National Coordinator and others).

Main review visit: 23-27 January 2017

Monday 23 January

09:30–10:00 National Co-ordinator from the Ministry of Education (MEXT)

10:00–10:30 Ms. Ikuko Arimatsu, Lifelong Learning Policy Bureau, MEXT

10:30–12:00 Country Background Report, Briefing 1 by MEXT officials (School education)

13:30–14:30 Country Background Report, Briefing 2 by MEXT officials (Collaboration between school and community)

14:45–15:45 Country Background Report, Briefing 3 by MEXT officials (Lifelong learning and tertiary education)

16:00–17:00 Prof. Motohisa Kaneko, University of Tsukuba, expert on lifelong learning in tertiary education institutions

Tuesday 24 January

09:30–10:30 Secretariat of the Council for Implementation of Education Rebuilding

13:00–14:00 Prof. Takashi Muto, Shiraume Gakuen University, expert on the curriculum reform

14:15–15:15 Dr. Reiko Kosugi, Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training, expert on lifelong learning in tertiary education institutions

15:30–16:30 Prof. Shigeki Matsuda, Chukyo University, expert on pre-primary education

Wednesday 25 January

Group 1:

08:30–09:30 Akita Prefecture Board of Education

10:00–11:00 Akita Prefecture Education Centre (teacher training institute)

11:20–15:00 Visit to Tennou Elementary School, Katagami City

Group 2:

13:00–16:30 Visit to Nagoya University of Commerce and Business

Thursday 26 January

Group 1:

09:00–10:30 Visit to Community House of Higashi Yamata Junior High School, Yokohama City

11:30–14:00 Visit to Ushioda Elementary School, Yokohama City

14:20–16:10 Visit to Science Frontier High School, Yokohama City

16:30–17:00 Visit to Ushioda Junior High School, Yokohama City

Group 2:

09:45–10:45 Japan Student Services Organization

13:00–14:45 Visit to Waseda University

15:00–16:00 Prof. Kiyotake Oki, Waseda University, on the university entrance examination reform

16:30–17:30 Mr. Hiroshi Inoue, Japan Business Federation (Keidanren)

Friday 27 January

10:00–11:30 Ms. Seiko Ogawa, Principal of Minami Kawara Elementary School and Ms. Rie Hirakawa, Principal of Nakagawa Nishi Junior High School

12:45–13:45 Prof. Tetshuya Kajisa, independent expert on teacher education

14:00–15:00 Summary discussion with MEXT officials