This is the first Environmental Performance Review of Peru. It is the result of the joint work of the OECD and United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). Environmental Performance Reviews aim to help member and partner countries improve their individual and collective performance in environmental management by:

  • helping individual governments assess progress in achieving their environmental goals;

  • promoting continuous policy dialogue and peer learning; and

  • stimulating greater accountability from governments towards each other and public opinion.

Progress in achieving domestic objectives and international commitments provides the basis for assessing the country’s environmental performance. Such objectives and commitments may be broad aims, qualitative goals or quantitative targets. A distinction is made between intentions, actions and results. Assessment of environmental performance is also placed within the context of Peru’s historical environmental record, present state of the environment, physical endowment in natural resources, economic conditions and demographic trends.

The team that prepared this review comprised the following experts: Angélica Romero (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chile), Alejandra Salas (Ministry of Environment, Chile), Lothar Winkelmann (Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources, Germany), Ainhoa Pérez and Alicia Pollo (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Spain), and Gérard Bonnis (Environment Directorate of OECD). The following ECLAC staff members also participated in the review: Guillermo Acuña (Office of the Executive Secretary), Claudio Bonacic, Carlos de Miguel, José Javier Gómez, Mauricio Pereira and Joseluis Samaniego (Sustainable Development and Human Settlements Division), Germán González (consultant) and Adrián Rodríguez (Division of Production, Productivity and Management). Elvira Berrueta-Imaz, Carla Bertuzzi and Clara Tomasini from the OECD and Karina Martinez from ECLAC provided editorial and statistical support. The review also benefited from the co-operation of Ivana Capozza and Nathalie Girouard from the OECD Environment Directorate.

The OECD and ECLAC are indebted to the government of Peru for its co-operation in providing information, for the organisation of the review mission to Lima and for facilitating contacts both inside and outside government institutions.

Thanks are also due to all those who helped in the course of this review and to the representatives of countries participating in the OECD Working Party on Environmental Performance, which discussed the main findings and recommendations of this review at its meeting on 9 March 2016.

Financial support was received from the Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety of Germany (BMUB), the Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development of Germany (BMZ), through the German Agency for International Co-operation (GIZ) in Peru, and the United Nations Development Account.