This Review of Agricultural Policies: The Philippines is one of a series of reviews of national agricultural policies undertaken by the OECD’s Committee for Agriculture (CoAg). It was initiated in response to a request from Mr. Segfredo Serrano, Undersecretary for Policy Planning, Project Development, Research and Regulations, in the Philippine Department of Agriculture (DA).

The Review examines the agricultural policy context and the main trends in Philippine agriculture. It classifies and measures the support provided to agriculture using the same method the OECD employs to monitor agricultural policies in OECD countries and a growing number of non-member economies, such as Brazil, China, Colombia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine and Viet Nam. At the request of the Philippine authorities, the Review includes a special chapter on the adaptation of Philippine agriculture to climate change. The Review is the first stage in regular OECD engagement with the Philippines on agricultural policy issues through the annual OECD publication Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation.

The study was carried out by the Development Division of the OECD Trade and Agriculture Directorate (TAD) in co-operation with the Natural Resources Policy Division (TAD). Andrzej Kwiecin´ ski co-ordinated the report and was one of the authors together with Piret Hein (Estonian Institute of Economic Research) and Ada Ignaciuk (TAD). Addie Erwin (TAD) prepared a background draft for Chapter 1. Contributions for this chapter were also provided by Claude Nenert, Lae Hyun Hong and Antonia Leroy (all from TAD). Chapter 3 benefited from a background draft delivered by Maria Jaramillo (UNEP) as well as from contributions by Shingo Kimura and Laura Munro (both from TAD). The database for Producer Support Estimates and the associated analytical work was undertaken by Florence Bossard and Andrzej Kwiecin´ ski, in close co-operation with Piret Hein, Eduardo Sanguyo (Philippine Statistical Authority) and Elsie Balagtas (DA). Statistical support was provided by Florence Bossard, with contributions from Karine Souvanheuane and Joanna Ilicic-Komorowska. Maurice O’Brien provided editorial support. Anita Lari provided administrative and secretarial assistance. Anita Lari and Michèle Patterson provided publication support.

The Review greatly benefited from support provided by the DA. The team led by Undersecretary Serrano, in particular Amparo C. Ampil, Tisha Pia Dela Rosa, Frances Kaye Anne Adao and Katrin Mares, were the main contacts and liaison persons on all aspects of the study. The study benefited from inputs by staff from the DA and its related entities, from other Departments and from participants at preparatory meetings and consultations in Manila and Quezon City, including researchers from academia.

Earlier drafts of this report benefited from comments provided by Julia Nielson, Jared Greenville, Carmel Cahill, Ken Ash, Frank Jesus, Jo Cadilhon, Dalila Cervantes-Godoy, Addie Erwin, Emily Gray, Guillaume Gruère, Shingo Kimura, Mark Mateo, Laura Munro, Silvia Sorescu, Frank van Tongeren (all from TAD/OECD), Piret Hein (Estonian Institute of Economic Research), Frauke Jungbluth and Sergiy Zorya (World Bank office in Manila), representatives of the Economic Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture and representatives of the French General Secretariat for European Affairs. The first complete draft of this document was reviewed by participants of roundtable meetings at the DA in Quezon City. Written comments were provided by various Philippine Departments and institutions and were considered for the final version of the Review.

The study was made possible through a voluntary contribution from the United States. It was reviewed at in-country roundtable meetings with Philippine officials and experts in Quezon City on 30 May-1 June 2016. Subsequently, the Philippine delegation led by Undersecretary Segfredo Serrano participated in the peer review of Philippine agricultural policies by the OECD’s Committee for Agriculture at its 167th session in November 2016. Steve Neff (ERS-USDA, USA), Catherine Stephenson (Permanent Delegation of Australia to the OECD) and Masakazu Ikefuchi (Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) led the discussions during this peer review. Philippine officials and experts have been involved from initial discussions of the study outline through to the peer review and final revisions, but the final report remains the sole responsibility of the OECD.