Annex B. Detailed research questions used for country case studies

The intent of policies and programmes

  • Are the 3Rs part of the specific aims and objectives of the policy or programme?

  • Who made the decision? What was the discourse/reaction around this?

  • Are different groups specifically aimed at? Which ones?

The design

  • How was the policy/type of programme chosen?

  • What provisions did the state or programme designers put in place to ensure that the aims and objectives of the policy or programme can be achieved?

  • How were the specific provisions chosen?

  • Who was engaged/instrumental in the design? – Actors within and across policy areas, different sectors, groups, etc.

  • How did the different actors engage?

    • What barriers did they encounter, how did they overcome these?

    • How did they choose whom to engage with?

The implementation

  • How are the provisions implemented in real life?

  • What or who are barriers, how are they overcome?

  • What works well?

  • Who is instrumental in ensuring good implementation?

  • How are the policies and programmes financed/resourced?

    • Are these financing/resourcing models sustainable?

    • What is the discourse around the financing and resourcing?

The outcomes

  • What are the achievements with respect to the 3Rs?

  • Do they match the stated intent? (The evaluation against the stated intent will inform our “what works” question)

  • Are the outcomes/achievements the same across different groups, or do experiences differ dependent on age/life cycle stage…?

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