Annex B. List of case study promoters




Thomas Thaler

Institute of Mountain Risk Engineering, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Austria)

Research Fellow

Joana Guerrin

University of Nîmes (France)

Researcher and Professor

Antonio Eduardo Giansante

School of Sociology and Politics of the State of São Paulo (Brazil)

Professor and Head of Research

Tomasz Walczykiewicz

Institute of Meteorology and Water Management - National Research Institute (Poland)

Deputy Director for National Hydrological and Meteorological Service

Jean-Marie Bordes

Syndicat Intercommunal pour l’Assainissement France Vallée de la Bièvre (France)

Director General

Eline Bötger

Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (Netherlands)

Political Advisor

Kyujin Jung

Sungkyunkwan University (Korea)

Assistant Professor

Danielle MacKinnon

South Nation Conservation Authority (Canada)

Engineering Assistant

Andriy Demydenko

Ukrainian Centre of Environmental and Water Projects (Ukraine)

Head, IWRM Department

Wondafrash Wondmagegn Meshesha

Awash Basin Authority (Ethiopia)

Director for Integrated Watershed Management and River Training

Allah Bakhsh

Spate Irrigation Network (Pakistan)


Otto Schaaf

Cologne Agency for Sewage Disposal and Surface Water + Flood Management (Germany)


Alba Ballester, Eva García Balaguer and César Pérez Martin

Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain)

Researcher, Director-General of Environment and Director of Water Service

Jean-Pierre Arrondeau and Aldo Penasso

Institution d'aménagement de la Vilaine (France)

Deputy Director and Head of Drinking Water and Hydraulics

Jonathan Hunter

Environment Agency (England and W–les, United Kingdom)

Senior Advisor - flood and coastal risk management.

Kate Marks

Environment Agency (England and Wales, United Kingdom)

Deputy Director

Kate Kipling

Environment Agency (England and Wales, United Kingdom)

Senior Scientist

Rob Uijterlinde

Rivierenland Water Authority, Dutch Water Authorities and Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (Netherlands)

Strategic Advisor

Franck Hufschmitt

Syndicat des Eaux et France Assainissement Alsace-Moselle (France)

Head of Water Ecosystems and Related Risks

Gaia Checcucci

Ministry of the Environment, Land and Seawater (Italy)

General Manager of Water and Land Protection and Environmental Remediation Direction

Christopher J Spray

University of Dundee (Scotland, United Kingdom)

Professor of Water Science and Policy

Heriberto Galicia

Water Commission of the State of Morelos (Mexico)

General Directorate for Water Infrastructure and Flood Protection

Jaap M. de Heer

Twynstra Gudde Advisors and Managers (Netherlands)

Senior Partner/Director Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100

Asensio Navarro Ortega, Estanislao Arana García and Sergio Iglesias Asenjo

University of Granada and Local Civil Protection Service of Granada (Spain)

Assistant Law Professor, Full Law Professor, Responsible for Planning and Managing Natural Hazards

Signe Marie Iversen

Municipality of Aarhus, Department of Environment and Energy (Denmark)

Landscape Manager

Jan Rasmussen

City of Copenhagen, Technical and Environmental Administration (Denmark)

Head of Projects

Victor Hugo Alcocer Yamanaka

National Water Commission (Mexico)

Deputy Technical Director

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