Annex A. Methodology of policy review

The review process consisted of the following main steps:

  • Country background report (CBR) and Review visit plan: a 30-40 page report completed by the participating countries prior to the review visit based on the conceptual framework and detailed guidelines. Countries were also asked to complete three questionnaires relating to the review process and as part of ITP data collections. National co-ordinators selected schools, initial teacher education providers and other stakeholders (when relevant) based on predefined selection criteria.

  • Background documentation and guidelines: The OECD Secretariat developed interview protocols to cover the six themes for each key stakeholder: officials in national ministries, officials in municipalities/states/boards of education, new teachers, experienced teachers, mentor teachers, second career teachers, former teachers, school boards, school managers, researchers in teacher education institutions, teacher educators, and teacher unions. The Secretariat also prepared ITP system maps drawn from NESLI data and key country-specific research, policy findings and data (including the CBR).

  • Selection of experts: The OECD Secretariat selected experts based on their expertise in one or more of the OECD Teacher Education pathway themes, and appointed a critical friend (usually from within the OECD) to provide general policy insights and feedback on preparatory documentation.

  • Conducting the visit: A team of four experts (two OECD and two international experts) visited each country over a period of four days. The review team conducted interviews during the site visits and identified the key SWOT of the ITP system under review.

  • Initial findings: Initial findings were presented and discussed with national co-ordinators and Ministry officials on the fifth day of the review visit, or via webinar shortly afterwards. These findings consisted of a system-level SWOT policy diagnosis and context and key aspects for each of the six themes of the study. The OECD Review team adjusted findings in light of discussion and submitted the presentation to national co-ordinators as draft initial findings.

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