copy the linklink copied!Annex E. List of TALIS Starting Strong 2018 contributors

TALIS Starting Strong is a collaborative effort, bringing together expertise from participating countries that share an interest in developing a survey project to inform their policies about the early childhood education and care (ECEC) workforce and quality of provision. This report is the product of collaboration and co-operation among the member countries of the OECD participating in the first round of TALIS Starting Strong. Engagement with bodies representing teachers (Education International) and regular briefings and exchanges with the Trade Union Advisory Council (TUAC) at the OECD have been very important in the development and implementation of TALIS Starting Strong. In particular, the co-operation of staff and leaders in the participating centres has been crucial in ensuring the success of TALIS Starting Strong.

In the context of OECD objectives and the programme of work and budget of the OECD Education Policy Committee, the Extended ECEC Network on TALIS Starting Strong, a sub-group of the OECD Network on Early Childhood Education and Care, has driven the development of the project and its policy objectives. This includes the objectives of the analysis and reports produced, the conceptual framework and the development of the TALIS Starting Strong questionnaires. The Extended ECEC Network has also overseen the implementation of the survey and the preparation of this report.

Participating countries implemented TALIS Starting Strong at the national level at national project centres through, among others, national project managers (NPMs), national data managers (NDMs) and national sampling managers (NSMs), who were subject to rigorous technical and operational procedures. The NPMs played a crucial role in helping to secure the co-operation of ECEC centres, to oversee the national adaptation, translation and validation of the questionnaires, to manage the national data collection and processing and to verify the results from TALIS Starting Strong. The NDMs co-ordinated data processing at the national level and liaised in the cleaning of the data. The NSMs were responsible for implementing TALIS, respecting sampling procedures and other rigorous technical and operational procedures. In addition to the nine participating countries, the United States, United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan have contributed to the development of the questionnaires.

A Questionnaire Expert Group (QEG) was established to translate the policy priorities into questionnaires to address the policy and analytical questions that had been agreed by the Extended ECEC Network. A Technical Advisory Group (TAG) was assembled to advise during the decision-making process for technical or analytical issues. A group of subject-matter experts and analysts were also critical in the analytical phase and drafting of the initial reports.

The co-ordination and management of implementation at the international level was the responsibility of the appointed contractors, the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA), its consortium member Statistics Canada (Ottawa, Canada), and Rand Europe (Cambridge, United Kingdom). The TALIS Starting Strong Consortium included staff from the IEA offices in Amsterdam and Hamburg, Statistics Canada and Rand Europe. The IEA Hamburg was responsible for the overall survey planning, sampling, survey administration and the international data management. The IEA Amsterdam was responsible for overseeing the verification of the translation and for quality control in general. Rand Europe managed the development of the survey instruments and conceptual framework. Statistics Canada, as a subcontractor of the IEA Hamburg, served as the sampling referee.

The OECD Secretariat had overall responsibility for managing the project, monitoring its implementation on a day-to-day basis and serving as the secretariat of the Extended ECEC Network on TALIS Starting Strong.

copy the linklink copied!List of National TALIS Starting Strong 2018 Contributors

Chair of the OECD Extended ECEC Network on TALIS Starting Strong: Bernhard Kalicki; Mary Coleman (former)


Anita Díaz (project manager and Extended ECEC Network member)

Bárbara Marchant (sampling manager)

María Verónica Mas (data manager)

Exequiel Rauld (Extended ECEC Network member)

Francisco Tagle (data manager)


Martin Dueholm Bech (Extended ECEC Network member)

Mikkel Bergqvist (project management support)

Alberta Hansen (sampling manager)

Monika Klingsbjerg-Besrechel (sampling and data manager)

Lise Bendix Lanng (Extended ECEC Network member)

Alva Albæk Nielsen (project manager)

Søren Trolborg (former project manager)


Samuel Bader (project management support)

Simone Bloem (former project manager and Extended ECEC Network member)

Nora Damme (Extended ECEC Network member, Member of Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth)

Bernhard Kalicki (chair of the Extended ECEC Network)

Jasmin Parsaei (Extended ECEC Network member, Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth)

Carolyn Seybel (project manager and Extended ECEC Network member)

Daniel Turani (data manager, sampling manager and Extended ECEC Network member)


Ragnar Ólafsson (project, data and sampling manager)

Björk Óttarsdóttir (Extended ECEC Network member)


Michal Carmel (project manager)

Noa Ben-David Gerassi (project manager)

Hagit Glickman (member of the TALIS Governing Board)

Inbal Ron-Kaplan (project, data and sampling manager)

Shira Sharabi (data manager)


Kiyomi Akita (Extended ECEC Network member, University of Tokyo)

Yamada Akiko (former project manager, NIER)

Horoiwa Akira (data and sampling manager, NIER)

Satoshi Aritaki (Extended ECEC Network member, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

Fumiko Honda (Extended ECEC Network member, Cabinet Office)

Takuro Horikawa (Extended ECEC Network member, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)

Norika Horikoshi (Extended ECEC Network member, NIER)

Riyo Kadota (Extended ECEC Network member, Seinan Gakuin University)

Kentaro Sugiura (project manager and Extended ECEC Network member, NIER)

Hirokazu Kobayashi (Extended ECEC Network member, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)

Chie Takatsuji (Extended ECEC Network member, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)


Yoon Kyung Choi (former project manager)

Eunseol Kim (project manager)

Mijin Kim (educational supervisor, Ministry of Education)

Sol Me Lee (researcher, Korea TALIS Starting Strong research team)

Mugyeong Moon (Extended ECEC Network member)

Jinah Park (data manager)


Cay Gjerustad (data and sampling manager and project management support)

Hanne Næss Hjetland (project management support)

Anne-Berit Kavli (Extended ECEC Network member)

Anne Magdalena Solbu Kleiven (Extended ECEC Network member)

Siv Hilde Lindstrøm (Extended ECEC Network member)

Vibeke Opheim (project manager)

Maria Bakke Orvik (Extended ECEC Network member)

Tove Mogstad Slinde (former Chair of the OECD ECEC Network)


Aynur Arslan (project manager)

Cem Gençoğlu (Extended ECEC Network member)

Emre Gönen (data and sampling manager)

Seval Kuday (data manager)

Tuncay Morkoç (project manager)

Begüm Serim Yildiz (data manager)

copy the linklink copied!OECD Secretariat

Core team

Project management and analysis

Arno Engel (project management, strategic development and analysis)

Stéphanie Jamet (project management and analysis)

Victoria Liberatore (analysis)

Théo Reybard (analysis)

Elizabeth Shuey (report co-ordinator and analysis)

Clara Barata (analysis and co-ordination, former/external)

Joana Cadima (analysis, external)

Miho Taguma (project management and strategic development, former)

Statistical analysis and support team

Elisa Duarte

François Keslair

Luisa Kurth

Lorenz Meister (former)

Natalie Potter (former)

Administrative support team

Mernie Graziotin

Leslie Greenhow (former)

Communications support team

Henri Pearson

Susan Copeland (external)

Eleonore Morena (external)

Other secretariat support

Strategic development

Yuri Belfali (head of Early Childhood and Schools division)

Andreas Schleicher (OECD director for Education and Skills)

Editorial and communications support

Cassandra Davis (communications manager)

Rose Bolognini

Sophie Limoges

Analytic and statistical services

Éric Charbonnier

Noémie Le Donné

Pablo Fraser

Gabor Fülop

Simon Normandeau

Karine Tremblay

Katja Anger (former)

Maria Huerta (former)

Ineke Litjens (former)

Anaïs Loizillon (external)

copy the linklink copied!TALIS Starting Strong expert groups

Questionnaire Expert Group

Chair: Julie Belanger (RAND Europe, United Kingdom)

Alejandra Cortazar (Centro de Estudios Primera Infancia, Chile)

Edward Melhuish (University of Oxford, United Kingdom)

Henrik Daae Zachrisson (University of Oslo, Norway)

Masatoshi Suzuki (Hyogo University of Teacher Education, Japan) assisted by Yumi Yodogawa (University of Tokyo, Japan) and Sakiko Sagawa (Nara University of Education, Japan)

Clara Barata (OECD, France, ex-officio)

Ralph Carstens (IEA Hamburg, Germany)

Jean Dumais (Statistics Canada, Canada, ex-officio)

Arno Engel (OECD, France, ex-officio)

Lynn Karoly (RAND Corporation, ex-officio)

Agnes Stancel-Piątak (IEA Hamburg, Germany)

Miho Taguma (OECD, France, ex-officio)

Fons van de Vijver (University of Tilburg, the Netherlands, ex-officio)

Extended Questionnaire Expert Group

Sharon Lynn Kagan (Teachers College, Columbia University, United States)

Trude Nilsen (University of Oslo, Norway)

Nirmala Rao (Hong Kong University, People’s Republic of China)

Pauline Slot (Utrecht University, the Netherlands)

Susanne Viernickel (University of Leipzig, Germany)

Technical Advisory Group

Chair: Fons van de Vijver (University of Tilburg, the Netherlands)

Pascal Bressoux (Université Grenoble Alpes, France)

Timothy L. Kennel (US Census Bureau, United States)

Paul Leseman (Utrecht University, the Netherlands)

Bart Meulemann (University of Leuven, Belgium)

Christian Monseur (University of Liège, Belgium)

copy the linklink copied!TALIS Starting Strong Consortium

IEA Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany)

Core management team

Juliane Hencke (International Study Director)

Steffen Knoll (Deputy International Study Director)

Ralph Carstens (International Study Director TALIS)

Viktoria Gabriele Böhm (International Study Co-ordinator)

Juliane Kobelt (International Study Co-ordinator)

Marta Kostek (International Study Co-ordinator)

Malgorzata Petersen (International Study Co-ordinator Assistant)

Data management team

Alena Becker (International Data Manager)

Christine Busch (Deputy International Data Manager) Regina Borchardt (Research Analyst)

Olesya Drozd (Research Analyst)

Wolfram Jarchow (Research Analyst)

Hannah Kowolik (Research Analyst)

Kamil Kowolik (Research Analyst) Adeoye Babatunde Oyekan (Research Analyst)

Oriana Mora (Research Analyst)

Xiao Sui (Research Analyst)

Svenja Kalmbach (Student Assistant)

Lena Talihmanidis (Student Assistant)

Sampling and weighting team

Sabine Meinck (International Sampling Advisor)

Karsten Penon (International Sampling Manager)

Sabine Weber (Deputy International Sampling Manager)

Duygu Savaşcı (Research Analyst, Sampling)

Sabine Tieck (Research Analyst, Sampling)

Scaling, analysis and table production team

Agnes Stancel-Piątak (Senior Research Analyst, Team Leader Scaling and Analysis)

Umut Atasever (Research Analyst)

Falk Brese (Senior Research Analyst)

Minge Chen (Research Analyst)

Diego Cortes (Research Analyst)

Deana Desa (Research Analyst)

Ann-Kristin Koop (Research Analyst)

Mojca Rozman (Research Analyst)

Justin Wild (Research Analyst)

Conrad Baumgart (Student Assistant)

Isbat Hasnat (Student Assistant)

Meeting organisation

Catherine Pfeifer (Meeting Co-ordinator)

Bettina Wietzorek (Meeting Co-ordinator and SharePoint Administrator)

Software development and testing

Meng Xue (Head of Software Development Unit)

Limiao Duan (Programmer)

Anne Guttmann (Project Manager eAssessment)

Christian Harries (Programmer)

Majid Iqbal (Software Tester)

Maike Junod (Programmer)

Deepti Kalamadi (Programmer)

Ievgen Kosievtsov (Programmer)

Kevin Mo (Programmer)

Suma Padala (Software Tester)

Devi Potham Rajendra Prasath (Programmer)

Svetoslav Velkov (Software Tester)

Juan Vilas (Programmer)

Samih Al-Areqi (Requirements Engineer and Software Tester)

Rea Car (Requirements Engineer and Software Tester)

Elma Cela (Requirements Engineer and Software Tester)

Michael Jung (Requirements Engineer and Software Tester)

Lorelia Lerps (Requirements Engineer and Software Tester)

Ekaterina Mikheeva (Requirements Engineer and Software Tester)

Yasin Afana (Research Analyst)

Clara Beyer (Research Analyst)

Tim Daniel (Research Analyst)

Dirk Oehler (Research Analyst)

Darrell Gwaltney (Student Assistant)

IEA Amsterdam (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Andrea Netten (Director, IEA Amsterdam)

David Ebbs (Senior Research Officer)

Michelle Djekić (Research and Liaison Officer)

Sandra Dohr (Junior Research Officer)

Jan-Philipp Wagner (Junior Research Officer)

Roel Burgers (Financial Director)

Isabelle Gémin (Senior Financial Officer)

Translation verification was performed in cooperation with cApStAn Linguistic Quality Control, an independent linguistic quality control agency located in Brussels, Belgium. The IEA Amsterdam appointed, contracted and trained independent quality observers to monitor survey implementation in each participating country.

RAND Europe (Cambridge, United Kingdom)

Julie Belanger (Research Leader)

Megan Sim (Senior Analyst)

Miriam Broeks (Analyst)

Katherine Stewart (Analyst)

Statistics Canada (Ottawa, Canada)

Jean Dumais (Sampling Referee)

Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER, Melbourne, Australia)

Leigh Patterson (Analysis Coordinator)

Renee Kwong (Project Analyst)

Dulce Lay (Project Analyst)


Hynek Cigler (Masaryk University, Czech Republic)

Eugenio J. Gonzalez (Educational Testing Service, United States)

Plamen Mirazchiyski (International Educational

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Annex E. List of TALIS Starting Strong 2018 contributors