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copy the linklink copied! International consortium

Educational Testing Service (ETS) – Overall Management, Test Development, Psychometrics, Analysis and Data Products

Irwin Kirsch (International Project Director)

Claudia Tamassia (International Project Manager)

Kentaro Yamamoto (Director, Psychometrics and Analysis)

Matthias von Davier (Co-Director, Psychometrics and Analysis)

Michael Wagner (Director, Platform Development)

Marylou Lennon (Test Development, Literacy and PSTRE)

John P. Sabatini (Test Development, Reading Components)

Kelly M. Bruce (Test Development, Reading Components)

Lale Khorramdel (Psychometrics and Analysis)

Jon Weeks (Psychometrics and Analysis)

Henry Chen (Psychometrics and Analysis)

Chentong Chen (Psychometrics and Analysis)

Eugenio Gonzalez (Training, Technical Report and Data Products)

Isabelle Jars (Project Management)

Larry Hanover (Editorial Support)

Judy Mendez (Project Support)

Lisa Hemat (Project Support)

Jason Bonthron (Platform Development)

Ramin Hemat (Platform Development)

Chris Nicoletti (Platform Development)

John Barone (Director, Data Analysis and Database Preparation)

Kevin Bentley (Data Products)

Karen Castellano (Data Analysis)

Scott Davis (Data Analysis)

Mary Beth Hanly (Data Products)

Steven Holtzman (Data Analysis)

Laura Jerry (Data Analysis)

Mathew Kandathil (Data Analysis Leader)

Lokesh Kapur (Data Analysis)

Debra Kline (Data Management)

Phillip Leung (Data Analysis Leader)

Mei-Jang Lin (Data Analysis)

Alfred Rogers (Data Analysis Leader)

Ruopei Sun (Data Analysis)

Carla Tarsitano (Data Management)

Sarah Venema (Data Products)

Minhwei Wang (Data Analysis Leader)

Lingjun Wong (Data Analysis)

Jeffrey Wright (Data Analysis)

Wei Zhao (Data Analysis)

Jun Xu (Data Analysis)

GESIS – Development of the Job Requirement Approach Module and Background Questionnaire

Beatrice Rammstedt (Lead)

Dorothée Behr

Natascha Massing

Anouk Zabal

Deutsches Institut für Internationale Pädagogische Forschung (DIPF) – Development of the PIAAC Test Delivery Platform

Ingo Barkow (International IT Support)

Robert Baumann (Software Development)

Mahtab Dalir (Software Development)

Frank Goldhammer (Deputy Project Co-Director)

Sabrina Hermann (Project Coordinator)

Roland Johannes (Software Development, International Co-ITC)

Jean-Paul Reeff (International Consultant)

Marc Rittberger (Director)

Heiko Rölke (Project Co-Director)

Britta Upsing (Project Coordinator)

Carolin Ziegler (Project Coordinator)

cApStAn – Linguistic Quality Control

Steve Dept (Verification Operations)

Andrea Ferrari (Verification Methodology and Management)

Laura Wäyrynen (Verification Methodology and Management)

Elica Krajčeva (Verification Management)

Shinoh Lee (Verification Management)

Irene Liberati (Verification Management)

Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA), Maastricht University – Development of the Job Requirement Approach Module and Background Questionnaire

Rolf van der Velden (Coordinator, Development Background Questionnaire)

Jim Allen (Development Background Questionnaire)

Martin Humburg (Development Background Questionnaire)

Mark Levels (Development Background Questionnaire)

International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) – Data Cleaning and Database Preparation

Alena Becker (Data Processing and National Adaptations)

Christine Busch (Meta-data and Processing)

Ralph Carstens (Lead International Data Management and Analysis Support/Training)

Tim Daniel (Lead International Data Management)

Limiao Duan (Processing Systems Development)

Christian Harries (Software Development)

Maike Junod (Software Development)

Hannah Köhler (Deputy Lead International Data Management)

Kamil Kowolik (Data Processing and National Adaptations)

Kathrin Krämer (Software Development)

Dirk Oehler (Quality Control and Processing Systems)

Liisa Vaht (Quality Control)

Svetoslav Velkov (Data Processing)

Westat – Sample Design and Selection, Weighting, Survey Operations, and Quality Control

Leyla Mohadjer (Director, Sampling Activities)

Pat Montalvan (Director, Survey Operations)

Jacquie Hogan (Survey Operations Training)

Tom Krenzke (Manager, Sampling Activities)

Michael Lemay (Manager, Survey Operations)

Wendy Van de Kerckhove (Senior Leader, Sampling Activities)

Valerie Hsu (Leader, Sampling Activities)

Lin Li (Leader, Sampling Activities)

Jane Li (Senior Survey Statistician)

John Lopdell (Senior Survey Statistician)

Laura Alvarez-Rojas (Senior Survey Statistician)

Nina Thornton (Survey Operations Material Development and Training)

Baifan Li (Senior Systems Analyst)

Klaus Teuter (Senior Systems Analyst)

Luxembourg Institute for Science and Technology – Development of the Computer-Based Platform for the Background Questionnaire and Cognitive Assessment

Anne Hendrick (Platform Leader, Project Co-ordination)

Raynald Jadoul (Project Management and Software Architecture)

Vincent Porro (Lead Designer and Staff Co-ordination)

Primaël Lorbat (Multilingual Framework and Questionnaire Development)

Cédric Alfonsi (Portal Integration and Translation Support)

Somsack Sipasseuth (Workflow Development)

Igor Ribassin (Virtual Machine Integration)

Christophe Henry (System Integration)

Cyril Hazotte (System Administration)

copy the linklink copied! Expert groups

PIAAC Round 2 Technical Advisory Group

Cees A. W. Glas (Chair), University of Twente, the Netherlands

Henry Braun, Boston College, United States of America

Lars Lyberg, Stockholm University, Sweden

Irini Moustaki, London School of Economics, the United Kingdom

copy the linklink copied! Board of participating countries


Aviana Bulgarelli (Italy) (2016)

Patrick Bussière (Canada) (2014-15)

Dan McGrath (United States) (2010-16)

Paolo Sestito (Italy) (2008-13)


Chile: Francisco Meneses Ponzini (until Feb. 2016); Roberto Schurch (from Feb. 2016)

Greece: Magda Trantallidi

Indonesia: Linda Doortje Gonggalang (until March 2016); Yulia Naelufara (from March 2016)

Israel: Dmitri Romanov

Lithuania: Saulius Zybartas

New Zealand: David Earle (until March 2016); Nita Zodgekar (from March 2016)

Singapore: Soon Joo Gog

Slovenia: Ales Ojstersek

Turkey: Murat Aksoy

copy the linklink copied! National project managers

Chile: María Paola Sevilla Buitron (until Aug. 2013); Maria Francisca Donoso (from Oct. 2013)

Greece: Andromachi Hadjiyanni

Indonesia: Hari Setiadi

Israel: Zvika Amir

Lithuania: Viktorija Šeikiene˙ (until Jan. 2013); Mindaugas Stundža (from Jan. to Aug. 2013); Sigita Uksaite˙ (from Aug. 2013 to June 2015)

New Zealand: Jit Cheung and Paul Satherley (jointly until April 2014); Paul Satherley (from May 2014)

Singapore: Emily Low

Slovenia: Sabina Melavc (until Jan. 2013); Estera Mozina (from Feb. 2013)

Turkey: Ercüment Is¸ik (2012); Cengiz Aydemir (from Jan. 2013 to June 2015); Murat Aksoy from June 2015 to April 2016); Uğur Günes¸ (from April 2016)

copy the linklink copied! OECD secretariat

Ji Eun Chung (Analyst)

Vanessa Denis (Statistician)

Marta Encinas-Martin (Analyst)

Paulina Granados Zambrano (Statistician)

Miloš Kankaraš (Analyst)

François Keslair (Statistician)

Sabrina Leonarduzzi (Project Assistant)

Guillermo Montt (Analyst)

Marco Paccagnella (Analyst)

Glenda Quintini (Senior Economist)

William Thorn (Senior Analyst and Project Manager)

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Annex D. Project participants in Round 2 of the Survey of Adult Skills