The OECD Innovation Strategy

Getting a Head Start on Tomorrow

image of The OECD Innovation Strategy

Well-timed and targeted innovation boosts productivity, increases economic growth and helps solve societal problems. But how can governments encourage more people to innovate more of the time? And how can government itself be more innovative?

The OECD Innovation Strategy provides a set of principles for fostering innovation in people (workers and consumers), in firms and in government. It takes an in-depth look at the scope of innovation and how it is changing, as well as where and how it is occurring. The result is the formulation of far-reaching policies for innovation using recent research and data.

"a thoughtful new report on how governments can do better at spurring and measuring innovation." The Economist

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Improving Governance and Measurement

This chapter focuses on the key role of governance and measurement of innovation performance. It examines how governance arrangements and policy practices have changed over the past two decades, and which challenges have been emerging, both as a result of processes such as globalisation and regionalisation, and new developments and innovations in the organisation of government and policy design and delivery. Key areas in which governance needs to be improved are discussed, including mobilising actors and resources for innovation; improving co-ordination and coherence of policies and different layers of government; addressing worldwide the great societal challenges that need to be faced on a global scale; setting priorities in resource allocation accordingly; and improving the measurement of innovation.

English Also available in: French

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