The Internet Economy on the Rise

Progress since the Seoul Declaration

image of The Internet Economy on the Rise

This publication reviews progress made since the 2008 OECD Seoul Declaration for the Future of the Internet Economy and identifies areas for future work. Seven themes are addressed in the work as follows:

  1. High-speed infrastructure
  2. Digital content and green ICTs
  3. The development of smarter applications
  4. Cybersecurity and privacy
  5. Consumer empowerment and protection
  6. An open Internet economy
  7. Global participation for development.

Overall, the review shows that the Internet economy has now reached a point where it has become a new source of growth, with the potential to boost the whole economy, to foster innovation, competitiveness and user participation, and to contribute effectively to the prosperity of society as a whole.




Ministers participating in the 2008 Seoul Ministerial meeting on the Future of the Internet Economy adopted a Declaration (“the Seoul Declaration”), in which they identified future work for the OECD aimed i) to carry out further analysis of the Internet economy and, based on this analysis; ii) to develop regulatory principles, guidelines and other instruments to promote the future development of the Internet economy. In addition, Ministers emphasised the need to further investigate the role of the Internet and related information and communication technologies (ICTs) in addressing global challenges, such as climate change. Ministers mandated the OECD to review the Seoul Declaration within three years after its adoption.


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