Space and Innovation

image of Space and Innovation

After decades of innovation, satellites now play a discrete but pivotal role in the efficient functioning of modern societies and their economic development. This publication provides the findings from a OECD Space Forum project on the state of innovation in the space sector, with a view to examine how space innovation may impact the larger economy. New analysis and indicators contribute to answering some of the following questions: is the space sector still a driver for innovation in the 21st century? What are the determinants for an innovative space sector? And what are the policy responses to encourage and harness better space-related innovation?



Mapping space innovation

Innovation activities are diverse, complex and challenging to measure in a quantitative way. This chapter maps knowledge flows and innovation in the space sector in an original way. The analysis builds on new OECD indicators using bibliometrics and patents, examining scientific production in space literature (what are the hot topics in the literature?), looking at the globalisation of space innovation (who publishes and co-operates with whom?), and exploring the diffusion of space innovation in different sectors.


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