Space and Innovation

image of Space and Innovation

After decades of innovation, satellites now play a discrete but pivotal role in the efficient functioning of modern societies and their economic development. This publication provides the findings from a OECD Space Forum project on the state of innovation in the space sector, with a view to examine how space innovation may impact the larger economy. New analysis and indicators contribute to answering some of the following questions: is the space sector still a driver for innovation in the 21st century? What are the determinants for an innovative space sector? And what are the policy responses to encourage and harness better space-related innovation?



Making space innovation matter

Applications for societal benefits

Based on current space innovation trends, this chapter features some forward-looking views, revisiting a decade later the initial scenarios that were first published in the OECD Space 2030 publications, which projected possible evolutions of the space sector. It also presents selected sector-specific developments and explores some of their possible roles in meeting some major societal challenges, like the digital divide and climate change management. Some space sector-specific developments like human spaceflight and space exploration are also examined.


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