Rethinking Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean Economy

image of Rethinking Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean Economy

This new OECD report on the ocean economy emphasises the growing importance of science and technologies in improving the sustainable economic development of our seas and ocean. Marine ecosystems sit at the heart of many of the world’s global challenges: food, medicines, new sources of clean energy, climate regulation, job creation and inclusive growth. But we need to safeguard and improve the health of marine ecosystems to support our ever-growing use of marine resources. Innovation in science and technology will play a key role in reconciling these two objectives. This report identifies three priority areas for action based on a number of in-depth case studies: 1) approaches that produce win-win outcomes for ocean business and the ocean environment across a range of marine and maritime applications; 2) the creation of ocean-economy innovation networks; and 3) new pioneering initiatives to improve measurement of the ocean economy.



Science and technology enabling economic growth and ecosystems preservation

After reviewing selected ocean-related scientific and technological advances, Chapter 2 shifts to four individual in-depth case studies that serve to illustrate how some innovations in the ocean domain may potentially both enable economic development and support ecosystem improvement and preservation. The case studies include floating offshore wind power, ballast water management, innovation in the marine aquaculture sector, and possible conversion of decommissioned oil and gas rigs and renewables into artificial reefs.


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