Privacy Online

OECD Guidance on Policy and Practice

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This volume draws together OECD work to date on measures for ensuring effective privacy protection on global networks while continuing to allow the transborder flow of personal data.

It contains specific policy and practical guidance to assist governments, businesses and individuals in promoting privacy protection online at national and international levels. It proposes ways of adopting and posting privacy policies, mechanisms for enforcement and redress, and means of promoting education and user awareness.

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OECD Work on Privacy

An Overview

The development of digital computer and network technologies, and in particular the Internet, has brought with it the promise of social and economic benefits by encouraging information exchange, allowing the creation of new products and services, and increasing individual user choice. However the integration of global networks into everyday life and technological innovation that create more opportunities for personal information to be captured, have both increased the benefits of customisation to the individual user and raised concerns over the protection of privacy and personal data...

English Also available in: French

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