Patents, Innovation and Economic Performance

OECD Conference Proceedings

image of Patents, Innovation and Economic Performance
This publication presents a collection of the policy-oriented empirical studies and stakeholders' views designed to show how patent regimes can contribute more efficiently to innovation and economic performance.  Topics covered include the links between patents and economic performance, changes in patent regimes, patents and entrepreneurship, patents and diffusion of technology, IPR for software and technology, and current and future policy challenges.




Intellectual Property in Services

What Do We Learn from Innovation survey?

In the first part of this paper we review what previous studies using innovation survey data on services have to say about the role of patents and other intellectual appropriation mechanisms. Only a few countries included services in their survey design for the first Community Innovation Survey (CIS1). Most countries did for CIS2. Statistics Canada also carried out its own innovation survey on services in 1996. In CIS 3 the coverage of the service sectors has been extensive, with new questions among others regarding intellectual appropriation mechanisms. In the second part we examine more closely the results of the French CIS3 survey. We compare the use of patents and other intellectual appropriation mechanisms in manufacturing ...


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