OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Mexico 2009

image of OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Mexico 2009
Over the past decade, Mexico has made significant progress towards macroeconomic stability and has undertaken important structural reforms to further open the economy to trade and investment, and improve the functioning of markets for goods and services. However, potential gross domestic product (GDP) growth remains much too low to reduce widespread poverty and bridge the wide gap in living standards with wealthier OECD countries. One important reason for this is that Mexico has been slower than those in many competing newly industrialising economies to realise the importance of investment in innovation as a driver of growth and competitiveness.

This book assesses the current status of Mexico’s innovation system and policies, and identifies where and how the government should focus its efforts to improve the country’s innovation capabilities.



Economic Performance and Framework Conditions for Innovation

Mexico’s economic performance in terms of growth of GDP per capita has been respectable but still insufficient to close the gap vis-à-vis the most advanced OECD countries in terms of the population’s living standards, and overcoming widespread poverty. To shift the economy to a path of higher, sustainable growth, Mexico’s economic policy needs to boost productivity growth. In the past, it has been sluggish. Given the salient role of innovation in driving longer-term productivity growth, the challenge is to encourage innovation throughout the Mexican economy. Achieving this goal will require significant, broad-based reform and dedicated efforts.


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