OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Malaysia 2016

image of OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Malaysia 2016

The OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy offer a comprehensive assessment of the innovation system of individual OECD countries and partner economies, focusing on the role of government and concrete recommendations to boost innovation performance and R&D policies.

While Malaysia successfully transformed its economy from agriculture and mining towards manufacturing and more recently services, it is currently facing an economic slowdown and new competition. Mobilising new sources of growth will allow Malaysia to respond to these challenges and re-energise its economy through innovation-driven productivity gains.




Innovation policy and governance in Malaysia

This chapter examines public activities that have a bearing on the Malaysian innovation system. It begins with an overview of the historical evolution of science, technology and innovation policy in Malaysia. It next examines the main policy actors, governance arrangements and national plans. The chapter then reviews current policies under the light of the observations made in earlier chapters and concludes with a summary note on the strengths and weaknesses of the country’s STI governance and policy mix.


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